Mission Statement

Vision Statement



Core Values

Swimming with the Silver City Swim Club will be an enjoyable, friendly and rewarding experience.
To foster, enhance and support all club swimmers and create an environment to further develop the participation, retention and enjoyment of swimming with the Silver City Swim Club.


Purple - Brave Heart

Silver - The 'Silver' City: Broken Hill

Blue - Water / Swimming

'Take the Challenge, Get the Edge!'

All people are welcome to join our great club and hopefully gain enjoyment from the fantastic friendships already created within.
The Silver City Swim Club was formed in January 2008 and although very young in years, is already well recognised through swimming circles and the community of Broken Hill. The up and coming swimmers involved in the club have shown great abilities and strength to ensure success is already here.

Head coaches, Neville and Ricky Shore, are fully accredited and have a wealth of experience (over 50 years) within the swimming and coaching arena. Their knowledge of swimming and ability to communicate to young people is part of the reason why they are so successful in coaching. Their experienced coaching team also has an extensive background in swimming.

Our club caters for all ages and abilities, including learn to swim, social, fitness, school, country, state and national swimming levels. Like our Motto says:
** Friendship: Value your teammates and friends - encourage, support and appreciate the
    hard work their put into their swimming.

** Teamwork: Together Everyone Achieves More!

** Discipline: Be consistent and self-disciplined at training, competition and home.
    Develop a strong work ethic, as it is your effort that will produce its own results.

** Loyalty: Swimming with the Silver City Swim Club should be done with pride, courage and a sense of achievement.
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